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Begin with the basic elevator ... and custom make a bale handling system to fit your specific needs ... all at a surprisingly low cost!

Basic elevator includes a drive unit, plus an end section with sprocket and chain tightener.  Basic elevator can be easily lengthened by adding interchangeable long and short center extensions.  A complete line of accessories are available to make storing bales a smooth, quick and simple one-man operation.

Exclusive Return-Chain Guide Design

Heavier, more dependable return-chain guides.  Specially engineered and field proven to eliminate mechanical headaches common with return guides on other brand elevators - prevents sagging, catching, twisting and stretching, which increases chain life.

Component Lengths

Special Conveyor-Chain Track

Stronger Connection Joints

Conveyor-chain track has exclusive double-formed-bend design for extra rigidity.  Prevents the sagging and bending common with other single-formed-bend tracks.  Heavier, angle-iron connecting joints (1" x 1") and hardened bolts prevent stretching - joints are quicker and easier to connect.  Strongest structural design available.


Extra Heavy Duty


Basic Unit




12' or 6'

8' or 4'


 Select from a wider choice of accessories for faster, easier and more efficient one-man bale handling.

CONNECTOR PLATES: Connects inline elevator to horizontal mow conveyor.  Prevents bales from turning and tumbling out when transferring.

BALE GUIDES: Keeps bale twine from catching and breaking when bales are discharging from a steeply inclined elevator.  Prevents bales from tipping and turning and then tumbling out when transferring from an inclined elevator to mow conveyor.  Pair of sturdy steel tubes clamp onto sides of inclined elevator on top end.

(No. HST-40T Transport illustrated)

TRANSPORTS: Engineered for better balance and greater strength - now you can move your elevator with ease to exactly where you want it.  Rugged, oversize 2" x 3" x ⅛" steel tubing transports are extra heavy for more strength.  Wheels are set far apart for increased stability.  Equipped with 15" four-bolt, ag-type wheel rims (less rubber tires) mounted on regreaseable, tapered roller bearings (max. speed 20 mph).  Transport can be quickly raised from towing position up to 45,  Sturdy, easy-to-operate hand winch features double-disc, automatic brake system for positive load control.  Winch is zinc plated to resist rust.

BALE ARRANGERS: Directs irregular shaped bales into horizontal conveyor.  Made of heavy galvanized steel.

BALE RAILS: Rails increase height of elevator sides to prevent irregular-shaped bales from tumbling out.  Rigid 12' long steel rails clamp onto sides of inclined elevator.

MOW HANGERS: Makes it simple and easy to install conveyor from haytrack, rafters, or roof.  Sturdy tubular steel hangers are extra wide to prevent bales from snagging.  Recommended at ends and every 12' of conveyor length for proper support.

BALE KICKOFF: Sturdy, tapered design provides for fast, smooth, accurate unloading to either right or left from any point along conveyor.  Pull control rope (rope not included), from mow floor to change direction of unloading or to slide kickoff to any position along full length of conveyor.  Bales cannot be conveyed over kickoff and onward toward end of conveyor.

TRANSPORT HITCH: Specifically-designed, extra-long pole to prevent elevator from binding against tractor or truck bumper during short turns - pole unpins for easy removal. Pin can be removed from rigid clevis to permit swiveling - prevents tractor or truck hitch pin from binding when elevator is raised.

BALE CHUTE (pan-type: 4' length): Hinges to elevator - rest on its own stand or tips back against wagon or truck for easy unloading.  Made of heavy, galvanized steel. Short-taper design automatically lines up each bale to prevent then from tipping or turning while being conveyed up elevator.

BALE CHUTE (grate-type: 6' length): Hinges to elevator -tips back against wagon or truck for easy unloading.  Long-taper design automatically lines up each bale to prevent them from tipping or turning while being conveyed up elevator.  Grate-type construction permits loose material to fall through for smoother operation.

The above drawing illustrates incline elevator assembled to horizontal conveyor using Bale Guides (HST-7A), Connector Plates (HST-17A or 18A), and Bale Arrangers (HST-16A).


Hayrite's stronger construction and superior engineering gives you smoother, more efficient, trouble-free operation ... all at a lower initial investment!  Easier to handle, interchangeable sections and a fuller line of accessories make it simple to tailor-make a versatile, yet inexpensive bale handling system.  You can elevate bales from your wagon or truck up into your barn - convey and stack bales in the mow - and load or unload truck.  For further savings, you can even use your existing general-purpose elevator with a Hayrite mow conveyor to convey and store bales in the mow.  You won't find a better value than Hayrite for fast, easy, dependable, one-man bale handling.


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